Original-Encaustic Art

What is encaustic?  It's a Greek word meaning “to heat or burn in” (enkaustikos). Heat is used throughout the process.  Beeswax and resin are melted and applied with a brush or any tool the artist wishes to create from. Each layer is then reheated to fuse to the previous layer.
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  • 13"w x 16"h 
  • Canvas board in frame
  • Mixed Media-Collage/Oil paint/Encaustic Medium

$270.00 USD Includes US shipping
Don't Look Back
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  • 9"h x 6"w x 1/4"d
  • MDF board
  • Encaustic-charcoal/acrylic

$45.00 USD Includes US shipping

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  • 8"h x 8"w X 1/4"d
  • MDF board
  • Encaustic-charcoal/acrylic

$45.00 USD Includes US shipping
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  • 6"h x 10"w x 1/4"
  • MDF board
  • Encaustic-charcoal/acrylic/hot glue

$50.00 USD Includes US shipping
Steadfast (like a tree)
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  • 12 1/2"h x 12 1/2w" 1 3/4"d
  • Wood cradle board-frames
  • Encaustic-panpastels/acrylic

$150.00 USD  Includes US shipping
Walk in the Woods
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  • 10"h x 10"w x 1.75"d
  • Wood cradle board
  • Encaustic-collage/acrylic

$62.00 USD  Includes US shipping